Cerro publishes an article in Revista Española de Electrónica, April 2019

"Electrónica embedded para equipos industriales o Low Cost PLCs". To read the full article, just follow the link

Revista-Española-Electronica Abril. 2109


Ances Open innovation

Cerro is a finalist for the #AncesOpenInnovation program. BlueAir was selected by the company EUSKALTEL. Event held on April 19 at the BBVA Innovation Center, Madrid


IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Article in Secartys News magazine, Nov. 2017

"Control de Calidad del Aire en Instalaciones domóticas". To read the full article, just follow the link

revista-secartys-news_Nov. 2107

Cerro publishes an article in Secartys News magazine, july 2017

"Ventajas del modelaje 3D en diseños de componentes electrónicos". To read the full article, just follow the link

revista-secartys-news_Jul. 2107


In April 2017 Cerro joined to the "Asociación Española para la Internacionalización de las Empresas de Electronica, Informática y Telecomunicaciones" SECARTYS.



XIII Congreso Anual Directores de Proyecto 2016, Madrid Noviembre 2016

Electronica 2016

We have been in Munchen visiting our customers and viewing the newest productslogo-electronica_2016.pngcamion_electronica_Munich.png

Cerro is a new associate member of Itemas Platform

Madrid, July 2016.

Itemas is a Platform for innovation in medical & health technologies putting together health centers and other not-health centers, as companies and other organitations, collaborating in I+D projects.


Second prize in the Healthstart innitiative

Madrid, June 2016.

A consortiun integrated by Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (UPV), Hospital Gregorio Marañon, Interlid Healthcare and Cerro Electronic Design gets the second prize of the Healthstart innitiative for the Arritmias project.

Arritmias is a device for localization and characterization of the heart areas causing atrial fibrillation. It is minimal invasive and helps surgeos to design the surgical intervention to correct the problem.

Madri+D and ITEMAS lauched HealtStart as a way to join together professionals from the health sector, engineering and entepreneurs to transfor needs and new ideas in reality.logo_healthstart.png

Altium Designer Seminars

Cerro Electronic Design presented a comunications in the Altium Designer seminars series hold in Spain during April 2016. These seminar were organized by Capel, Altium distribuitor in spain.

Here you can watch a copy of the presentation (in spanish) Cerro_AltiumSeminar_2016.mp4



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